Core Web Vitals

(Data Source : Google Chrome UX Report)
What are the Core Web Vitals
  • Metrics that Google has identified to measure the website visitor's speed experience.
  • As of Feb, 2022 - three metrics.
Why are the Core Web Vitals important
  • Officially announced by Google as a search ranking factor.
  • Improved speed experience = improved conversions.
How about other speed metrics
Core web vitals should be prioritized:
  • They represent real user experience.
  • They are an official search ranking factor.
How Google collects core web vitals
  • For every URL visit, Chrome sends the core web vitals for that visit to Google.
  • Aggregated stats for a URL are it's core web vitals.
Where to access core web vitals
  • Google makes the aggregated stats available publicly.
  • These can be accessed from this page.
Why isn't there any data for some URLs
  • Google doesn't aggregate the stats for URLs with a low number of hits.
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