Gentle Introductions

A jargon-free explanation of the web development concepts & technologies.

About These Explainers

How are these explainers different from tons of other material on the internet?
Many explainations just throw some terms together to explain things. This makes it hard for the reader to really understand things. The goal of these explainers is to fix this through the following goals:
  • Avoid the jargon. Explain the ideas in plain words.
  • Keep it concise.
  • Do not aim to be exhaustive. Explain the core concepts that matter.
Who are these explainers aimed at?
These explainers are written for the working web developers. The fast-moving web development ecosystem requires knowing a lot of things. Often, too many to fit into the available time. These explainers aim to explain the key concepts in a way that it doesn't give you a headache.
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