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Why does React have a Virtual DOM?
  • What is DOM?
  • Declarative UI coding with React
  • How Virtual DOM helps React prevent render performance issues.
13 slides / 4 mins
React Component Composition - what problem does it solve?
  • What does React components composition mean?
  • What problems does it solve?
6 slides / 3 mins
Rendering patterns
  • Why does it matter?
  • Client-side rendering
  • Server-side rendering
  • Static-site generation
  • Combining rendering patterns
  • What to use when?
34 slides / 20 mins
React one-way data flow - how does it make writing UI code easier?
  • What does one-way data flow in React mean?
  • How does it help us write & manage our UI code?
5 slides / 3 mins
What is Hydration & why does it concern us?
  • What is Hydration & why does it concern us?
7 slides / 4 mins
What is Server-side rendering & how is SSR with JavaScript different?
  • Pros and limitations of server-side rendering.
  • Is Server-side rendering a JavaScript thing?
  • What's different about SSR with JavaScript?
8 slides / 4 mins
What is Static-site generation & how can we serve fast changing content with it?
  • What kind of sites can leverage Static site generation?
  • How are the frameworks evolving to deliver fast changing content with SSG?
8 slides / 4 mins
What is Client-side rendering & what are it's limitations?
  • How does client-side rendering facilitate rich interactivity?
  • What problems can arise from a client-side rendered content?
7 slides / 3 mins
Scaling Node.js Applications
  • How to scale Node.js applications horizontally & vertically
22 slides / 10 mins
What problem does Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) solve?
  • What are the limitations of statically generated sites?
  • How does incremental static generation solve them?
9 slides / 4 mins
What is Edge Computing (wrt. CDNs) & when to use it?
  • How CDN Edge Computing works
  • What are various considerations when leveraging CDN Edge Computing
27 slides / 12 mins
Cookies vs local storage - what to use when?
  • How does the data stored in cookies vs local storage differ?
  • Why choose one over the other for a specific need?
8 slides / 4 mins
Intersection Observer - what is it's use?
  • How to setup Intersection Observer
  • Intersection Observer API options
5 slides / 2 mins
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