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Chief Consulting Architect - Node, React, AWS, MySQL

Over-all responsible for tech - reporting to the founder CEO for a major Indian eComm portal.
Dec, 2023 - Ongoing
I guide the in-house engineering team through tech implementation of the business requirements. I also identify & prioritize tech-debt. Some examples:
  • Improve product reliability via error tracking, request tracing & regression test coverage.
  • Scale the APIs by improving synchronized cache invalidation to better leverage caching.

Lead Consultant - Strapi v4, Next.js v13 website

Handling business logic implementation, reliability, performance
Oct, 2023 - Ongoing
As the senior-most individual contributor within the team, I'm responsible for:
  • Solving scalability, security, performance, reliability issues.
  • Coding the core-business-logic aspects within the backend APIs & cron jobs.
  • Interfacing with various teams (business, users, support, devops) to ensure adequate requirements implementation.

Gatsby.js => Next.js 13 (App router) migration

Mentored migrating a frontend from Gatsby v5 to Next.js v13
Oct, 2023 - Nov, 2023
While the in-house frontend team executed the actual migration, I provided Next.js v13 specific guidance:
  • Setup data fetching, ISR, cache invalidation and content preview mechanisms in-line with the content team's requirements.
  • Provided a path to upgrade the existing pages using Chakra UI to React Server Components (Next.js App router).

Backend Cloud Migration (AWS => Azure)

Migrated a Strapi setup from AWS to Azure services
Aug, 2023 - Sep, 2023
This Strapi setup (in production for 1.5 years) leveraged various AWS services (S3, Cloudfront, SQS, SES). The project involved:
  • Modifying code to leverage the equivalent Azure services (while handling Cloud provider specific differences).
  • Migrating the existing data & files from AWS to Azure.
  • Performing the storage migration (Terrabytes worth of data) with a minimal downtime via feature-flag driven development.

Strapi Upgrade

Undertook v3 => v4 upgrade for a complicated CMS setup
May, 2023 - July, 2023
This Strapi upgrade was more complicated than the ones I executed earlier:
  • The setup (in use since 2019) had many data inconsistencies (orphan records, foreign key violations) needing pre & post data-processing.
  • The large number of dynamic zones & relationships transated ~60 collection types into ~1k postgres tables being migrated.
  • The global all-remote team with members working in many timezones demanded prompt communication for a timely execution.

Angular Frontend Optimizations

Identified optimizations & mentored the in-house team on implementation
Jan, 2023 - Feb, 2023
Having worked with on this eComm org's site speed & scalability earlier, their CTO tasked me to identify & mentor the execution of industry best practices wrt. their Angular frontend:
  • Identified the gaps in aspects like PWA push notifications, Angular universal implementation, in-the-wild error tracking among others.
  • Mentored the org's in-house frontend team to implement the identified gaps.

Strapi Customizations

Undertook data migration & customization for an Enterprise CMS setup
Nov, 2022 - Aug, 2023
Being the primary go-to backend person on this project, here's a few major items I have implemented so far:
  • Undertook data migration to move from an in-house CMS to Strapi.
  • Implemented a custom access-control for Strapi Rest APIs to securely serve sensitive data.
  • Implemented single sign-on, custom plugins, integration with self-hosted search, etc.

Core web vitals Optimization

Improved site speed for a Wordpress based marketing site
Oct, 2022 - Nov, 2022
Other than improving the site speed, this engagement involved reviewing the hosting infrastructure & educating the team on site speed aspects:
  • Introduced the Cloudflare CDN & Wordpress full-page caching to improve the server response speed.
  • Configured image optimization + caching for faster image loading.

CMS Framework Selection

Undertook a proof-of-concept to identify suitable CMS framework
Nov, 2022 - Dec, 2022
Having worked on multiple initiatives for this B2C org, I was tasked to provide tech inputs wrt. selecting JS based headless CMS framework:
  • Gathered must-have & good-to-have requirements from various stakeholders.
  • Initial evaluation led us to Directus & Strapi for a more detailed PoC.
  • Undertook a PoC implementation of the must-have requirements & provided the tech feedback.

Strapi Customizations

Setup Strapi to work as a single CMS for multiple websites
June, 2022 - Oct, 2022
Worked as part of the team building a single CMS system for multiple websites. I am responsible for Strapi customizations such as single-sign on, row-level access control, custom plugins development, etc.
April, 2022 - May, 2022
React SSR
Configured Sentry to identify the production website issues encountered by actual visitors. Worked with various stakeholders to prioritize, reproduct and fix the encountered issues.
Jan, 2022 - May, 2022
React SSR
Code Splitting
Setup code-splitting, CSS optimization and image-loading optimization to improve the Core-web-vitals for a group of gifting related eCommerce websites (based on Create-React-App with React 17).
Feb, 2022
Anti-flicker Snippet
Architected a mechanism to overcome the negative speed-impact of the Google Optimize anti-flicker snippet on SEO sensitive pages.
Dec, 2021 - Feb, 2022
React SSR
Worked on reducing the TTFB / server response time by setting up Redis caching for a React SSR website. The caching mechanism is setup in sync with website's geo-specific page delivery mechanism.
Oct, 2021 - Mar, 2022
Architected Strapi based CMS solution for an existing website. The solution is created to enable gradual migration from the existing CMS. Some features of the new CMS solution - custom user-access control, multi-lingual pages, activity log, dynamic URLs generation and site-wide sections.
Sep, 2021
Setup Jest testing framework for UI unit testing for the in-house developed UI components. Also setup gradual type-checking for the props and state for these components. The goal is to enable a path to gradually incorporate these to reduce UI bugs.
Aug, 2021
Headless CMS
Evaluated a bunch of headless CMS solutions to provide technical feedback to setup a CMS to create landing pages rendered via a NextJS website. Minimum initial dev-effort & maximum configurability!
Aug, 2021
React SSR
Request Coalescing
Setup redis caching for specific routes of a React SSR website. This improved the server response time and helped scale the website during the traffic spikes.
Jul, 2021
Setup Gatsby static-site-generator as the frontend for an existing Wordpress site. Delivered a setup to automatically update the Gatsby build on publishing new Wordpress content.
June, 2021
Web Performance
Tuned the Redux state usage for a React site to avoid large state objects resulting in large HTML sizes. Smaller HTML = faster start render.
Mar, 2021 - May, 2021
Web Performance
React site speed optimization (code-splitting, critical CSS, fonts & image optimization).
May, 2021
Angular 11
Handle scroll position restore for an Angular site with infinite scrolling & lazy-loading items as the users scrolls.
Apr, 2021
Improved scalability of a WordPress blog via caching at various levels (caching at CDN, full-page, object level). Delivered changes to serve AMP version of the blog posts and pages.
Apr, 2021
Angular 11 SSR
Core Web Vitals
Moved site-wide styling sizing from pixels to viewport ("px" to "vw"/"vh") to remove layout shifts for an Angular SSR site.
Dec, 2021 - Feb, 2021
Angular 11 SSR
Web Performance
Migrated Angular 8 CSR site to Angular 11 SSR site. Gradual migration of routes by state-sharing between the old and the new repository & some load balancer magic!
Aug, 2020 - Oct, 2020
Requests Coalescing
Built a layer of full-page caching that could run near the origin to cache responses to avoid scalability issues during the traffic spikes and provide superior server response time.
Aug, 2020
Web Performance
Improved the site speed for a WordPress site with optimizations like WebP images, preloading, critical CSS and font loading optimization.
Jun, 2020 - Aug, 2020
Web Performance
Delivered site-speed improvements for a Next.js site such as dynamic imports, SSR caching, brotli compression.
May, 2020
Web Performance
Identified the WordPress plugins and the configurations that can be applied to a bunch of WordPress sites for speed optimization.
Feb, 2020 - May, 2020
Web Performance
AWS Lambda@Edge
Delivered site speed improvements for a React SSR site. These included code-splitting, bundle size reduction, WebP images and brotli compression served via lambda@edge, image lazy-loading, etc.
Nov, 2019 - Dec, 2019
Critical CSS
Delivered CSS optimizations along with a build-pipeline for a Django based website (Vanilla JS). The goal was to ensure the optimizations remain in place as the team goes about making UI CSS changes.
Oct, 2019 - Jan, 2020
Web Performance
Delivered web performance improvements for a Magento eCommerce site. Changes included introduction of build pipeline to deliver optimized CSS & JS files as well as brotli compression. Other changes included font-optimization, WAF changes to reduce latency.
Aug, 2019
AWS Lambda@Edge
Setup AWS lambda@edge to achieve image optimization as well as brotli compression delivery from the Cloudfront CDN.
Jul, 2019
Setup varnish caching for a Magento based eComm site. This included configuring ESI blocks, caching invalidation and cache warming for a Magento website with legacy server-side speed issues.
Feb, 2019 - Apr, 2019
Site Speed
Setup an in-house mechanism for image-optimization. This meant a watcher process for WebP and responsive image generation and image delivery via Nginx web-server configuration. Also delivered JS, CSS, fonts optimizations.
Oct, 2018 - Dec, 2018
React SSR
Web Performance
Delivered server-side rendering, code-splitting, bundle size reduction, images optimization and brotli compression for a React 16.x website. Integrated the frontend build process with the website's in-house Django CMS.
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