How we setup our Strapi API test automation using Jest

23rd Feb, 2024
This post details our experience wrt. setting up automated testing of a few of our Strapi APIs. This includes - why we setup the automation testing, for what APIs and how did we go about implementing it.

My experience with upgrading Strapi v3 to v4

16th Aug, 2023
Because Strapi v4 is a major upgrade with a large number of breaking changes, upgrading a Strapi setup from v3 => v4 can be complicated. This post details how we undertook the v3 => v4 upgrade with a two-fold goal of upgrading without any functional / data regression in the smallest possible downtime window.

How we setup input validations for components in Strapi

6th July, 2023
With Strapi v4, custom input validations for fields within components cannot be coded within the collection lifecycle hooks. This blog post details why it is so and provides an alternative implementation to overcome this.

Executing stress free Strapi version upgrades : My experiences & attempts

26th June, 2023
Strapi v4's track record with respect to version upgrades has been patchy. This post details such experiences & my attempts to overcome issues to enable more confident Strapi version upgrades.

How to integrate Elasticsearch with Strapi

22nd May, 2023
This post details the implementation specifics to setup Elasticsearch with Strapi. This includes triggering Elasticsearch indexing via Strapi customization and providing a Strapi route endpoint to front the Elasticsearch search. These integrations are detailed through an example blog-post Strapi collection.

Customizing the Strapi upload plugin

17th Dec, 2022
Customizing the Strapi upload plugin (beyond modifying it's providers) is complicated. This post details how such complicated customization can be achieved by modifying the Admin UI and server-side code.

Strapi customization options : What to use when?

26th July, 2022
Strapi's large number of customization options is one of the reasons behind its popularity. But, given a certain requirement, which of Strapi's customization options would be the most suitable? In this post, I answer this question by detailing the Strapi options I used to implement various requirements.

My experiences with customizing the Strapi CMS

8th April, 2022
This post details the straightforward customizations as well as complicated modifications with respect to Strapi CMS. The goal of detailing the experience is to help others evaluating Strapi CMS for their CMS requirements.
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