WordPress vs Headless CMS with a custom frontend : What is a better choice?

4th May, 2024
Strapi v4's track record with respect to version upgrades has been patchy. This post details such experiences & my attempts to overcome issues to enable more confident Strapi version upgrades.

Directus vs Strapi : Comparing the headless CMS features

26th Jan, 2024
This post compares Directus and Strapi with respect to the various headless CMS features like customizing the CRUD APIs, content versioning, access control and internationalization.

My experience with upgrading Strapi v3 to v4

16th Aug, 2023
Because Strapi v4 is a major upgrade with a large number of breaking changes, upgrading a Strapi setup from v3 => v4 can be complicated. This post details how we undertook the v3 => v4 upgrade with a two-fold goal of upgrading without any functional / data regression in the smallest possible downtime window.
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