Mitigating serverless cold start delays : My experiments & observations

1st Mar, 2023
This post evaluates if frequently pinging website urls is a reliable approach to mitigate cold start delays for websites hosted on Node based serverless platforms like Vercel or Netlify.

My Experiences with Optimizing CSS for React Frontends

3rd Feb, 2022
Between the start of 2021 and now, I got opportunities to optimize CSS loading for three different React websites. This post details the options I considered, the criteria I evaluated and the choices I made in process of doing so.

Zero runtime CSS-in-JS : Is this where great DX meets top-notch web performance?

19th Nov, 2021
At one of my clients, we evaluated if there’s something more performant than styled-components & still keeps the developers happy. This post details the experience and findings from the exercise.
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