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Punit Sethi

I'm Punit Sethi.

I work with eCommerce & B2C sites on Website Speed, Scalability and Frontend Architecture.

Let's work together.


Recent Client Projects

Oct, 2021 - Present
Worked on implementing the Strapi CMS for an existing CMS & website setup. The setup has been architected to gradually migrate from the old to the new CMS. The new implementation comes with features like cache busting support, dynamic URLs creation and multi-lingual pages.
Sep, 2021
Setup Jest testing framework for UI unit testing for the in-house developed UI components. Also setup gradual type-checking for the props and state for these components. The goal is to enable a path to gradually incorporate these to reduce UI bugs.
Aug, 2021
Headless CMS
Evaluated a bunch of headless CMS solutions to provide technical feedback to setup a CMS to create landing pages rendered via a NextJS website. Minimum initial dev-effort & maximum configurability!
Aug, 2021
React SSR
Requests Coalescing
Setup redis caching for specific routes of a React SSR website. This improved the server response time and helped scale the website during the traffic spikes.
Jul, 2021
Setup Gatsby static-site-generator as the frontend for an existing Wordpress site. Delivered a setup to automatically update the Gatsby build on publishing new Wordpress content.
Jun, 2021
Web Performance
Tuned the Redux state usage for a React site to avoid large state objects resulting in large HTML sizes. Faster start render!
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Every engagement is different, but they all follow these maxims:

Deliver code, not recommendations.
Deliver the code changes (pull-requests) or specific configuration changes for the recommendations. This is because recommendations are easy. It is their implementation that is often ridden with complications.
Stay data driven.
Measure things (site speed, error rate, system resource utilization, cache-hit ratio, etc) before, during and after the task. This helps us stay focussed and get things done.
Document the changes.
Leverage strigent documentation to bridge the gap that can arise from remote working. Document the changes to help the current and future team members understand the changes and also reflect upon the rational behind the changes.