Punit Sethi
I'm Punit Sethi.
Freelancing for 5+ years (total 12+ years experience), I have closely worked with frontend teams to implement site speed & scalability improvements. Off late, I have also worked on building backends with Strapi CMS.
Tech Expertise
Web Performance
Core Web Vitals
Frontend Scalability
Server side Rendering
Edge Computing
Strapi.js CMS
Recent Client Projects
Nov, 2022 - Now
Strapi 4
Data Migration
Handled data-migration, custom plugin building, admin UI customization as part of the backend team for a Strapi CMS implementation.
Nov, 2022 - Dec, 2022
Strapi 4
Directus 9
Undertook a proof-of-concept against the provided CMS requirements to evaluate which of the two CMS frameworks would be a better fit for the team. Provided tech inputs based on the exercise outcomes.
Oct, 2022 - Nov, 2022
Core Web Vitals
Improved the core web vitals (specifically the LCP and CLS) for a WordPress site. This also involved migrating to the Cloudflare CDN & setting up base HTML caching & compression to improve the server response speed.
June, 2022 - Oct, 2022
Strapi 4
Working as part of the team building a single CMS system for multiple websites. I am responsible for Strapi customizations such as single-sign on, row-level access control, custom plugins development, etc.
April, 2022 - May, 2022
React SSR
Configured Sentry to identify the production website issues encountered by actual visitors. Worked with various stakeholders to prioritize, reproduct and fix the encountered issues.
Jan, 2022 - May, 2022
React SSR
Code Splitting
Setup code-splitting, CSS optimization and image-loading optimization to improve the Core-web-vitals for a group of gifting related eCommerce websites (based on Create-React-App with React 17).
Feb, 2022
Anti-flicker Snippet
Architected a mechanism to overcome the negative speed-impact of the Google Optimize anti-flicker snippet on SEO sensitive pages.
Dec, 2021 - Feb, 2022
React SSR
Worked on reducing the TTFB / server response time by setting up Redis caching for a React SSR website. The caching mechanism is setup in sync with website's geo-specific page delivery mechanism.
Oct, 2021 - Mar, 2022
Architected Strapi based CMS solution for an existing website. The solution is created to enable gradual migration from the existing CMS. Some features of the new CMS solution - custom user-access control, multi-lingual pages, activity log, dynamic URLs generation and site-wide sections.
Sep, 2021
Setup Jest testing framework for UI unit testing for the in-house developed UI components. Also setup gradual type-checking for the props and state for these components. The goal is to enable a path to gradually incorporate these to reduce UI bugs.
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