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Punit Sethi

I'm Punit Sethi.

I work with eCommerce & B2C sites on Website Speed, Scalability and Frontend Architecture.

Let's work together.


Recent Client Projects

AUG, 2021 Evaluated a bunch of headless CMS solutions to provide technical feedback to setup a CMS to create landing pages rendered via a NextJS website. Minimum initial dev-effort & maximum configurability!
AUG, 2021 Setup redis caching for specific routes of a React SSR website. This improved the server response time and helped scale the website during the traffic spikes.
JUL, 2021 Setup Gatsby static-site-generator as the frontend for an existing Wordpress site. Delivered a setup to automatically update the Gatsby build on publishing new Wordpress content.
JUN, 2021 Tuned the Redux state usage for a React site to avoid large state objects resulting in large HTML sizes. Faster start render!
MAR, 2021
MAY, 2021
React site speed optimization (code-splitting, critical CSS, fonts & image optimization).
MAY, 2021 Handle scroll position restore for an Angular site with infinite scrolling & lazy-loading items as the users scrolls.
APR, 2021 WordPress site-speed optimization. (Caching at CDN, full-page, object level. WebP images, critical CSS loading)
APR, 2021 Removed layout shift for an Angular SSR site by moving their DOM elements sizes from "px" to "vw"/"vh". Improved the CLS score!
JAN, 2021
MAR, 2021
Migrated Angular 8 CSR site to Angular 11 SSR site. Gradual migration of routes by state-sharing between the old and the new repository & some load balancer magic!

Let's work together.


Here's what a typical engagement is like:

Identify the Scope
  • Know the team.
  • Understand the requirements & expectations.
  • Understand the code & architecture.
Measure Speed
  • Agree upon the tools and metrics to measure the site speed.
  • Measure the speed.
  • Setup a mechanism to regularly track & monitor the site-speed.
Deliver Code
  • Provide the code-changes (pull requests).
  • Measure the speed-gains post push to production.
Deeper Changes
  • Solve deeper tech problems related to frontend architecture, scalability, website speed.
  • This is bespoke & can really be anything.

Let's work together.