Punit Sethi

I'm Punit Sethi.

Freelancing for 6+ years (total 13+ years experience), I have worked with web dev teams across the globe on architecting React frontends, improving web performance & scalability as well as building backends with the Strapi CMS.

Areas of Expertise

Web Performance
Strapi CMS
Scaling Frontends
AWS Services
Server side Rendering
Core Web Vitals


Recent Client Projects

Backend Cloud Migration (AWS => Azure)

Migrated a Strapi setup from AWS to Azure services
Aug, 2023 - Sep, 2023
This Strapi setup (in production for 1.5 years) leveraged various AWS services (S3, Cloudfront, SQS, SES). The project involved:
  • Modifying code to leverage the equivalent Azure services (while handling Cloud provider specific differences).
  • Migrating the existing data & files from AWS to Azure.
  • Performing the storage migration (Terrabytes worth of data) with a minimal downtime via feature-flag driven development.

Strapi Upgrade

Undertook v3 => v4 upgrade for a complicated CMS setup
May, 2023 - July, 2023
This Strapi upgrade was more complicated than the ones I executed earlier:
  • The setup (in use since 2019) had many data inconsistencies (orphan records, foreign key violations) needing pre & post data-processing.
  • The large number of dynamic zones & relationships transated ~60 collection types into ~1k postgres tables being migrated.
  • The global all-remote team with members working in many timezones demanded prompt communication for a timely execution.

Angular Frontend Optimizations

Identified optimizations & mentored the in-house team on implementation
Jan, 2023 - Feb, 2023
Having worked with on this eComm org's site speed & scalability earlier, their CTO tasked me to identify & mentor the execution of industry best practices wrt. their Angular frontend:
  • Identified the gaps in aspects like PWA push notifications, Angular universal implementation, in-the-wild error tracking among others.
  • Mentored the org's in-house frontend team to implement the identified gaps.

Strapi Customizations

Undertook data migration & customization for an Enterprise CMS setup
Nov, 2022 - Aug, 2023
Being the primary go-to backend person on this project, here's a few major items I have implemented so far:
  • Undertook data migration to move from an in-house CMS to Strapi.
  • Implemented a custom access-control for Strapi Rest APIs to securely serve sensitive data.
  • Implemented single sign-on, custom plugins, integration with self-hosted search, etc.

Core web vitals Optimization

Improved site speed for a Wordpress based marketing site
Oct, 2022 - Nov, 2022
Other than improving the site speed, this engagement involved reviewing the hosting infrastructure & educating the team on site speed aspects:
  • Introduced the Cloudflare CDN & Wordpress full-page caching to improve the server response speed.
  • Configured image optimization + caching for faster image loading.

CMS Framework Selection

Undertook a proof-of-concept to identify suitable CMS framework
Nov, 2022 - Dec, 2022
Having worked on multiple initiatives for this B2C org, I was tasked to provide tech inputs wrt. selecting JS based headless CMS framework:
  • Gathered must-have & good-to-have requirements from various stakeholders.
  • Initial evaluation led us to Directus & Strapi for a more detailed PoC.
  • Undertook a PoC implementation of the must-have requirements & provided the tech feedback.
Got a web-dev pain point?
I'm an independent dev specializing in web performance, architecture & scalability of React frontends as well as data migration, upgrade & customization of Strapi based backends. To discuss your web-dev pain point, email me at punit@tezify.com.
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