Strapi Customizations

Is Strapi adequately customizable?

Here's the most common point of contention when selecting a CMS framework:

Is this thing going to be able to cater to my current and future requirements? Would it ever lead me into a dead end?

While there’s no simple answer to this, I often request teams to identify their absolutely non-negotiable requirements from the perspective of all the involved stakeholders (content team, marketing team, devs, etc). And then, evaluate the CMS capabilities against those requirements.

In my experience, I have found Strapi:

  • Easy to customize for doing almost anything when any data is fetched, saved, updated, etc.
  • Slightly complicated when wanting to build custom Admin UI fields, create custom API access control, build completely custom UI forms, etc.
  • Very complicated when wanting to modify the Admin UI for Strapi’s core plugins (media upload, content manager, users-permissions manager)

During all of my Strapi implementation projects, I come across a couple of requirements from teams that are not doable with Strapi (unless we modify the core Strapi code). For teams that are ready to work with work-arounds for such requirements, Strapi works out really well from the dev effort vs gains perspective.

I have also interacted with some teams where all their requirements are absolutely non-negotiable (eg: how they would like to navigate around the Admin UI, how the media upload form UI should look like, etc). I recommend such teams to build an in-house CMS.

Posts on Strapi's Customization Capabilities

A list of posts based on my experiences with Strapi.

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